Boston, MA - As the Boston Celtics continue to find themselves in the middle of a season that has them struggling out of the gate (they are still in a good position when compared to the state of other teams like the Washington Wizards or the Los Angeles Lakers, but compared to the lofty expectations that Boston carried coming into the season, they are not yet where they need to be), they ended up messing around and winning a game that they essentially had no business competing in, never mind winning.

Playing against one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Celtics found themselves in a seemingly insurmountable deficit as they trailed the Phoenix Suns by twenty-two points at one point in yesterday’s game. However, the team rallied and proved that they had the capacity for resilience by coming back from an eleven point deficit with ninety seconds left in regulation. Tying the game, it then moved to overtime where Boston managed to pull away for good in a 116 to 109 victory.

Devin Booker was the star for Phoenix as he netted thirty-eight points, but Kyrie Irving one upped him with thirty-nine, which is good for his season best point total. Eighteen of Kyrie’s points came in the fourth quarter and overtime as the point guard led the charge for a comeback to remember early on in the 2018-19 season!

Jaylen Brown added seventeen of his own as Gordon Hayward continues to look like a shell of his former self, adding just eight points. The slack has been picked up by unlikely sources, though, as Marcus Morris has risen to the occasion, grabbing eight rebounds in the game against Phoenix. Morris also added seventeen points as the Celtics continue to draw minimal outputs from Hayward and Jayson Tatum. Considering these two are some of the team’s best on paper, the offensive woes are a strong cause for concern in Boston.

Head coach Brad Stevens said he is not concerned about the offensive struggles from his team, but they’ll have to figure it out soon if they expect to compete with NBA heavyweights. For now, a comeback victory of this caliber will be enough to satiate fans!