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Celtics Lose to Lakers; Trade Jabari Bird, Who Has Been Accused of Domestic Abuse

Celtics Lose to Lakers; Trade Jabari Bird, Who Has Been Accused of Domestic Abuse

Boston, Massachusetts - The Boston Celtics lost by one point the the LA Lakers, ending their winning streak at five consecutive victories. The Cavs are a woeful team, to be certain, but it was reassuring to see the Celtics led by Jayson Tatum, who posted twenty-five points and seven rebounds in the winning effort. Now, the Celtics will turn to their sight to the Los Angeles Lakers, who they will square off with tonight.

It will be an interesting match-up at this point in the season, considering the NBA trade deadline came and went earlier this afternoon and the Celtics and Lakers, two of the teams who were most in the discussion to potentially make a big splash on the trade market, stood mostly pat in the hours leading up to their match-up tonight.

The Lakers were reported to be the number one team in the mix for the sweepstakes of the New Orleans Pelicans' Anthony Davis, but despite their offers, which included heaps of role players, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and tons of draft picks, the Pelicans never bit, so they certainly would not have bit on whatever package the Celtics might have put together. Of course, with Kyrie Irving and his max contract on the roster, the Celtics could have never orchestrated a genuine offer for Davis, but the fact that the Lakers missed out on him gives Boston an outside chance at the generational talent during the off-season, even though Davis has voiced his apprehension about donning the Celtics green.

The Celtics did not stand completely still at the trade deadline as they did pull off a fairly unconventional trade with the Atlanta Hawks. Boston shipped Jabari Bird, an under-performing shooting guard, to Atlanta, and cash for his contract in exchange for a protected second round pick in the draft, which Boston is unlikely to lose. Bird was involved in numerous domestic violence charges, causing some think the move to get him off of the team is beneficial in a multitude of ways. Atlanta seems to have agreed as they immediately waived him after the deal processed.

It wasn't a big move, but it does allow Boston to potentially be in on a buyout candidate as they now have an open roster spot.