Boston, MA - The Boston Celtics have won seven games in a row to make the leap from 10-10 to 17-10, which is an absolutely impressive streak, in which each game seems to have had a different hero. I have a hard time going over the moon over this streak as the Celtics have not yet faced a team that genuinely poses as some sort of real competition (none of the teams in Boston's seven game win streak are over .500 in their season records). But it's certainly better than an alternative scenario where Boston finds themselves faltering to these weak teams.

I'm just not ready to buy that the Celtics are back until they knock off a couple real foes, like the still leading Boston in the division Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers, and this pattern will not be ended tonight when Boston takes on the 6-21 Atlanta Hawks.

All that being said, the team's two most recent victories still gave fans a lot to be happy about. Boston's 113-100 win over the New Orleans Pelicans saw the team's role players step up as Marcus Morris led the Celtics in points, with thirty-one, Robert Williams led in rebounds, with eleven, and Terry Rozier topped the assist charts with six. Jayson Tatum also added twenty-one points in the game.

Then, Boston took on the Washington Wizards and defeated them 130-125 in overtime after Kyrie Irving took over the game, scoring the last twelve points to round out his total scoring output to thirty-eight points. It was a weak defensive effort, but Boston's offense is showing that it can come alive when it needs to. And it will need to, since Al Horford is going to miss the next couple of games with a knee pain injury and the team has said it is going to be very cautious with nursing Horford's return to the court.

Regardless, Boston now has the longest win streak in the NBA and they're just one game behind the Milwaukee Bucks for the projected second seed in the Eastern Conference. They're on the rise!