When Kyrie Irving first came to Boston, it seemed like he would be part of the Celtics' long history of talented point guards. Of these fabled point guards, none has been better than Bob Cousy was. A six-time NBA champion and 1957 NBA MVP, Cousy is a Hall of Famer who has undoubtedly been the best point guard - and one of the best players - in Celtics history.

Now, Cousy is going to add yet another piece of hardware to his mantle as he is set to receive an honor that goes above and beyond the many trophies and awards he racked up during his twenty year NBA career.

As reported by Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Cousy is slated to receive one of the great honors of the United States of America, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This honor is meant to recognize individuals who have made a sizable impact on the cultural interests of the United States. The reason for Cousy's selection does not solely rest with the fact that he was an elite basketball talent, but also for his efforts in creating and being president of the NBA Players Association. Cousy has also, in his retirement, been a strong advocate for racial equality and outspoken on the challenges his black teammates faced.

One of these teammates, Bill Russell, received the Medal of Freedom eight years ago from President Barack Obama. It was definitely cool because Obama is actually a big basketball fan, and seeing the honor come from Donald Trump will definitely be less cool. But for Cousy, it's an honor that, at 91, he isn't likely to turn down. Cousey was initially set to recieve the award in April, but was bumped in favor of honoring Tiger Woods.

"I don’t deserve the damn thing,” Cousy said, “but I’ll let someone else decide that. I’m not going to give it back.”

Whether he believes he deserves it or not, the honor for Cousy is long overdue and speaks volumes about the way he has carried himself over his many years in the game.