Boston, MA– Depending on how you look at things, the Boston Celtics are either about to enter the post-season on a terrible note by losing a slew of games consecutively, or they are timing things just right so they do not peak too early. Regardless of your level of optimism, one thing's for sure. The Celtics are not playing their best basketball right now.

After a sound 114-105 defeat by the Denver Nuggets and a narrow 118-115 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Celtics traveled to Charlotte to take on the Hornets and they soon found Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker in a shootout. Irving pulled off a number of impressive plays during the game en route to a 31 point effort, but he was outmatched by Walker, who dropped 36 points and led the Hornets to a late rally to overcome the Celtics and keep their own post-season hopes alive through a 124-117 victory.

Aiming to rebound from this loss, the Celtics traveled back home to take on the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, but they were absolutely trounced by the impressive Spurs, who were led by a dominant LaMarcus Aldridge as he recorded 48 points and 13 rebounds. The Celtics were shorthanded during the game as their lineup consisted of just Irving, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Morris, Marcus Smart, and Aron Baynes. The team's leading scorer was Smart with 14 points as Irving dropped just 11 and the Celtics were demolished by a score of 115-96.

Tonight, the Celtics are in Cleveland facing the Cavaliers, one of the league's worst teams, but at this point, no victory is guaranteed. This is made doubly true by the fact that Boston's best player, Irving, will not play in the game as he is due some rest from in-game action. Irving has still not faced his former team since last season's opener and the stretch will continue tonight. The team has shown they can perform well without Kyrie, though, so tonight might be a good opportunity to get back in the win column. Third quarter, things are looking good.