Boston, Massachusetts - The eight game winning streak of the Boston Celtics has turned quickly into a two game losing streak as the Celtics fell to the Detroit Pistons on Saturday and to the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. Obviously, neither loss would be desirable, but the Pistons one is a bit more easily rationalized as the Pistons have a record over .500. But the Suns loss, despite it being Phoenix's fourth victory in a row, is borderline indefensible as they have one of the worst records in the NBA at 8-24. Regardless, the games have happened and the Celtics have to move on and regroup.

The game against the Pistons saw Boston roll out a lineup of Marcus Smart, Kyrie Irving, Aron Baynes, Jayson Tatum, and Marcus Morris. Irving and Smart led the way with twenty-six points and twenty-one points, respectively, but Blake Griffin stole the show for Detroit and led his team to a 113-104 victory. Jaylen Brown was one of the most disappointing aspects of Boston's depleted bench as he posted just two points. His confidence assuredly looks shaky right now.

Irving once again continued to play his heart out against the Suns with a twenty-nine point effort. However, his support was diminished as Brown replaced a questionable Morris in the lineup and added just six points. Boston's bench was further depleted as Baynes joined Morris and Al Horford on the injury report with a broken hand that will take roughly four to six weeks to heal. Another injury is certainly not what Boston needed at this current juncture, especially considering they might have just suffered one of their worst losses of the season.

And now the team must continue to rehab some of their best players in addition to finding some sort of chemistry in the team that could have a chance at competing when the season gets tighter in the latter half of it. It's a tall order, but the Celtics have to be up to it, especially since these two losses mirrored a small skid for the Toronto Raptors, allowing Boston to not lose too much ground in the Atlantic Division. They'll be back in action tonight against an Eastern Conference powerhouse in the Milwaukee Bucks.