Boston, MA - It's hard to make sense of what happened in Saturday night's game between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls beyond proclaiming it as one of the greatest clobbering affairs in the history of the NBA and this is truly without hyperbole. After all, Boston and Chicago are among some of the most historic franchises in all of sports, let alone in the NBA, and there has never been a game like this for either of them.

The 133-77 victory for Boston, which saw the Celtics push out the entire Bulls starting five after jumping out to an early 17-0 lead, was the widest margin of victory they've ever experienced as a franchise. The loss was the worst loss, by margin, in the history of the Bulls. The Celtics' 17-0 start was remarkable because the team also limited the Bulls to the exact point total of seventeen in three of the four quarters. It truly was a historic affair.

And despite the game's status as a record-breaking one for both franchises, the leading scorer was not one anybody would have expected.

The Celtics are loaded with top tier talent, but most of these on paper skill sets have been coming off the bench of late, including Gordon Hayward, who only went for five points in Boston's high scoring affair. Instead, Brad Stevens has been tinkering with the lineup to try to find the perfect solution to his team's early woes. This edition of the lineup consisted of Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Morris, Marcus Smart, and, curiously, Daniel Theis. However, it was Theis who went off for the Celtics twenty-two points, ten rebounds, five assists, four blocks, and one steal. It was a surprising hero, but one who was welcome to the Celtics as they humiliated the Bulls in decisive fashion, sealing the game up very early on.

Obviously, there will be many who say that the Bulls are a terrible team and anyone getting excited over the Celtics' performance is misguided, but I don't think this is the best way to look at it. The Celtics just won their fifth game in a row and their best performance came in the fifth game. That's cause for celebration because the Celtics might just be back!