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Celtics Defeat Heat with Late Breakaway Stretch

Celtics Defeat Heat with Late Breakaway Stretch

Boston, MA– The Boston Celtics may have just played their last game against NBA legend Dwyane Wade. Of course, the Miami Heat might find their way back to Boston if the NBA post-season shakes out that way, but currently, it seems like the Heat might not even be on the slate. While the race for the playoffs is sewn up in Boston (since the Indiana Pacers have been a certainty for the Celtics to face in the first round for quite some time), the bottom of the Eastern Conference seedings is anything but.

The Heat, the Orlando Magic, the Detroit Pistons, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Brooklyn Nets are all competing for just three post-season spots. The Pistons are in the best shape and the Hornets in the worst, but the Magic have the best ten-game record in the East at 8-2 and the best defense in the league since the All-Star Break. The Heat no longer find themselves in the driver's seat for the eighth seed, and after back to back losses to the Celtics, things look even bleaker.

For the Celtics, though, things are shaping up very nicely for them as they are coasting on a final stretch of games that should propel them into the playoffs with the fourth seed, if all things hold.

The Celtics definitely looked impressive last night, though, as they toppled Miami by a score of 112-102. The game was narrow down the stretch run, but Jayson Tatum's layup that he drove to the lane seemed to be the nail in the coffin for Miami and the Celtics broke away from there. Kyrie Irving dropped 23 points on the Heat, but even more reassuring was Gordon Hayward's 25 points, as he led the Celtics in that category, as well as in assists, with five.

At 47-32, the NBA regular season grows nearer to completion as the Celtics have just three games left, the first of the batch coming tomorrow night on the road against their prodigal rivals, the Pacers.