Woburn, Massachusetts - A mother found a bag of weed in her Woburn mailbox last week. But it wasn't hidden there by her child, as many might suspect. The marijuana was simply placed in the wrong mailbox, as confirmed by video footage.

After the woman called in the incident to the police department, the Woburn Police declared the action a crime. Technically, according to the cops, putting weed in the wrong mailbox can be considered illegal distribution. In response to the declaration, the mother stated that she was simply glad her kids didn’t get to the marijuana before she did.

Laurel Brown Collins stated in an interview that she doesn’t know anything about marijuana; she’ doesn’t smoke the drug and she doesn’t have any in her household. She also stated that she has no idea how much you’re legally allowed to possess at a given time. The one thing she does know is what the drug looks like. This led her to call the police department immediately after she found the substance in her mailbox last week.

After investigators roamed the scene, they found a little less than 20 grams of marijuana in a baggie. This could mean that there is potential for other drug deals to take place in the neighborhood.

The one thing that the deliverer did not realize, however, was that there was a video camera in the corner of the doorway to Collins’ house. The camera caught that the male figure who placed the marijuana into the mailbox was wearing a black coat and hat, as if in disguise in the middle of the day. When Collins was asked about the video footage, she claimed that she had never seen this man before near her house or in her neighborhood.

As of now, the Woburn Police Department does not have a lead on the man in the video with the black coat and hat on. Now that the video is out for the public to see, the police hope that tips, anonymous or not, will come forward soon to help figure out who was a part of this illegal distribution.