Cambridge, MA– Over the years, the "Great Dome" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken on many different appearances. When Star Wars films are about to be released, the dome reflects the image of R2-D2, a droid from the popular space opera film franchise. When sentiments of environmental support and consciousness are needed, the dome is known to become festooned in green. It has even boasted pianos, firetrucks, and other such nonsensical items that have no place on top of an academic building. And, of course, on Independence Day, the dome takes on the colors red, white, and blue.

Recently, it has been sporting those same colors, but this time it is for a different reason altogether.

In honor of last Thursday's release of the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame (and don't worry, there are no spoilers in this article!), the Great Dome at MIT was repainted so it could reflect the image of Captain America's shield in the movie. The shield is, of course, red, white, and blue, and according to the canon of the Marvel universe, it is made from vibranium, the strongest metal on Earth, which can be found in Wakanda, the fictional nation of Black Panther.

It's safe to say that these students were pretty hyped to see one of their favorite superheroes, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, back in action on the big screen again after a year since Endgame's predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War. Those who pulled off the prank said they were paying tribute to a beloved movie franchise, and those who work at the school said they are not even sure how it was accomplished, but are impressed with the shield's representation on the dome nonetheless.

There's also one more fan of the Marvel films who was thoroughly impressed by the MIT students' efforts.

A native of Massachusetts, Chris Evans has portrayed Rogers and his superhero persona, Captain America, in nine Marvel movies to date and he definitely approves of the prank that pays tribute to his character!