Boston, MA - The recent public support of cannabis legalization has hosted a number of cottage industries in its wake, and they’re not just dispensaries. While the versatility of hemp as a resource has been argued for by advocates over several decades now, a whole new host of cannabis-minded entrepreneurs have sprung up recently. They’re forward thinking. They’re hip. They’re hungry.

And they’re chefs.

The good news for cannabis connoisseurs? On Friday December 8th, cannabis dining will come to Faneuil Hall for a dinner party hosted by Top Chef finalist Joe Sasto at retail storefront American Rhino, featuring a cocktail reception and—naturally—an eight course meal (because a three course dinner needs a between meal... between meal.)

The bad news? It’s for one night only. Unless Eat Sacrilicious has their say.

Eat Sacrilicious is a recently emerging events caterer and planner whose mission is to elevate the New England cannabis food scene by offering infused multi-course meals and events. The initiative was formed this past summer by Sean Curley, the associate producer of Sensi (a locally based cannabis lifestyle periodical) and Sam Kanter, an independent event promoter. Rounding off the THC triangle is chef David Yusefzadeh, who founded Cloud Creamery (a cannabis ice cream company based out of Framingham.) Friday night’s event will be the fifth for Eat Sacrilicious; and its largest to date.

If you’re expecting virtually inedible hash brownies… think again. The menu will include scallop crudo with pomegranate, squid ink cavatelli, prime rib, and goat’s milk Earl Grey ice cream. All centered around the main ingredient—CBD.

“I talk to everyone directly at the dinners to make sure they understand the dosage,” said Kanter. “It’s treated like a dietary restriction. When we’re running the food, it’s like, ‘Seat one is no dose, seat 2 is high dose.’ We give people the ability to change that during the dinner, and we’re checking in to make sure everyone’s feeling how they want to feel. The last thing we want to happen is for people to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.”

Cannabis infused dinner parties and cubs have been organizing around the country in decriminalized metropolitan cities over the past two years. They’re certainly not cheap; they’ve been known to cost upwards of $450 in cities like Los Angeles (in comparison, the event Friday night at American Rhino is a steal at $225.) And while there are no legally licensed restaurants in the country yet, the success of companies like Eat Sacriicious indicate there’s plenty of room to experiment. Chef Sasto concurs.

“I feel like this will be the next frontier,” Sasto said. “Boston is moving along at a great pace. The fact that they’re able to do this and promote it shows that there are enough like-minded people who are interested.”

Eat Sacrilicious Dinner with Chef Joe Sasto will be held Friday, December 7th at American Rhino, located at 4 South Market St in Boston starting at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $225/person. For more information, visit