Milton, MA - A recently hired camp night patroller from Curry College is being held with $50,000 bail after allegedly assaulting a co-worker on school grounds.

Mario Larrondo, 50-years-old, migrated to the United States in recent years and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. Prior to summer, the camp program at Curry College was accepting applicants for various jobs on-site. Larrondo applied for the job and shortly after relocated to Massachusetts for the season.


Larrondo was arrested the night of July 26, 2018, after initiating inappropriate physical contact with his co-worker, a camp counselor. He stated that he was a certified personal trainer, and that he could help her using his expertise. During the workout, he helped her spread her legs apart. The counselor stated that she could not spread her legs this way, as it would hurt her hips. Larrondo continued spreading, and went as far as unbuttoning her pants without her consent. The counselor pushed Larrondo off of her, but he soon became more aggressive, and started calling her baby and repeatedly saying yes to her.

Thursday night, Larrondo faced a judge in court. As of now, he is facing aggravated rape charges, and could even be subject to a deportation trial. Larrondo’s attorney is still trying to figure out if there is more to the story that was left unsaid.

In addition, Larrondo has previous drug offenses in both New York and Florida, which aren’t helping his case very much. As previously stated, his bail is at $50,000 cash, and if he is able to post bail, he will have to stay in Massachusetts, and away from Curry College, until his next court date.

MS Sports Camps, the company putting on the six-week summer camp program, addressed the public last night. The company addressed the issue, stating that both the night patroller (Larrondo) and the female camp counselor were very familiar with one another. They stated that they are participating in the investigation 100% and without any objection. They’d also like to express their sympathy for all involved in the case with hopes that it will be resolved quickly.