CAMBRIDGE - I always find time capsules inordinately cool, but it always seems like the news revolving around them pertains to the act of burying them, rather than actually opening them. Granted, this is likely because the popularity of the idea of a time capsule seemed to peak at a certain moment and has resulted in a number of time capsules still being decades away from being opened.

Fortunately, the S&S Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts had the right idea twenty-five years ago when they buried a time capsule that was slated to be opened in a quarter-century, as shared by Wicked Local. They had no preconceived notions about forging the capsule deep into the future and instead, the proprietors probably wanted to see if they'd still be around to reminisce about the time capsule, rather than leave it to someone in the future they wouldn't know.

The restaurant is currently run by Gary Mitchell and Aimee Baum, who joined their mother, Doris Mitchell. Doris, along with her late husband, Chester, buried the time capsule back in 1994 to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the restaurant's operation. Since then, a plaque has teased the centennial anniversary with a description of the time capsule that read, "Enclosed are souvenirs of the Mitchell-Wheeler families to be shared with all when the capsule is opened at our centennial celebration."

And now, that time has come upon us and on Saturday, the time capsule was opened at long last. Included inside was a menu from the restaurant as it stood in 1994 with prices that are much more expensive now (a quarter-pound cheeseburger was under three dollars twenty-five years ago!). Oversized t-shirts, dated newspapers, and cassette tapes also made it clear to everyone in attendance that the time capsule was undoubtedly buried during the 1990s.

And while letters from a sixth grade class to their future selves resulted in some nostalgic memories, the biggest tearjerker moment came when the family read a letter that had been written back then by Chester. He wrote that he didn't expect to be around when the capsule was opened and his letter ended with the hope that, "all men and women live in harmony." We're getting there, Chester.

This is a super cool idea that made for a series of fun moments over the weekend. More restaurants should do this! Heck, everyone should do this!

Image Via Wikimedia Commons