Cambridge, MA - The Cambridge Menorah was tipped over on the first night of the Jewish holiday known as Hanukkah, therefore not leading this holiday season off to a good start.

The incident happened on Sunday, December 2, 2018, when two witnesses saw a man walk over to the Menorah located on the Cambridge Common, pushed it over on the first night of Hanukkah, and left the scene. Shortly after, the two witnesses told a passerby of the incident and a group of five people gathered together to help lift the Menorah back into place.

Police officials are currently investigating the incident, unsure of whether it could have been pure vandalism or something worse.

Police spokesperson Jeremy Warnick stated that there is a possibility that the tipping of the Menorah could be a hate crime.

The suspect in question was seen wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants, riding a black bicycle.

The mayor of Cambridge, Mayor Marc McGovern, is still waiting for the results of the investigation, but he seems to think it is, without a doubt, an act of hate.

This act of vandalism, or hate, has happened at quite the ironic time; a Menorah has recently been stolen from a temple located in Brookline.

Last year, 9 hate crimes were committed in Cambridge. The year before, in 2016, Cambridge experienced a large spike in hate crimes. Throughout the years, there have been fluctuations; for instance, there were 7 hate crimes reported in 2010, but 25 of them reported in 2016. That would lead the average throughout the past 10 years to be about 13, according to police data.

Mayor McGovern would like to stress that this vandalism/hate crime should not, and will not be a representation of Cambridge.

Police ask anyone that knows any information regarding the incident to come forward and call the Cambridge Police Department at 617-349-3300.

A video is present, recorded by Lilian Milagros, of the group of strangers that offered to pick the Menorah up and put it back into place.

Mayor McGovern and police officials will try their best to find the person at fault for this, and they hope to limit instances like this in the future.