Wilmington, MA– A Cambridge man was taken into custody at the Northeast Gun Show in Wilmington on Sunday March 3 for alleged intoxication. CBS Boston reports that Brian Schwarztrauber, 54, is now facing charges of illegal possession of ammunition. He purchased 150 9mm rounds at the gun show without having a license to carry or a firearms identification card. (The vendor who sold him the ammo, Stephen Fowler of Guilford, Connecticut, is also facing charges for failing to adhere to requirements to check firearms identification cards when making a sale.)

In addition, Cambridge police, acting on a tip from his roommate, searched Schwarztrauber’s apartment and found additional illegal ammo there as well. His bail was set at $25,000 cash.

What’s most unnerving about this is that Schwarztrauber might have gotten away with purchasing the ammo, if he had not been “allegedly” drunk enough to attract the attention of police, who then found illegally purchased ammunition in his vehicle.

Another reason for concern is his alleged threats of political violence against prominent Democrats. According to Schwarztrauber’s roommate of five years, Amanda Greenfield, his politically-motivated rhetoric had grown increasingly violent in recent weeks. She said she fears for her own safety after tipping off police that he was a dangerous person who often talked about “shooting sprees, mass shootings, and starting a revolution.” Greenfield said she has heard him discuss in detail how he was going to kill people including Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi, and that she believed his threats were serious enough to report him to the police after she heard that he had ordered a sniper rifle.

Schwarztrauber’s threats are reminiscent of the language used by Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson, who was arrested two weeks ago in Maryland for felony weapons possession related to illegal drug use. Hasson has been described as a “domestic terrorist” for his alleged plans to kill prominent journalists and liberal politicians. Hasson also spoke of starting a white nationalist revolution.

Schwarztrauber is scheduled to appear at Cambridge District Court on April 2. No date has been set for his arraignment at Woburn District Court for the Wilmington charges.