Cambridge, MA - In the world of mixology, there are few people who could be called craftsmen, much less pioneers. Tenzin Samdo was both. As partner and bar director of Cambridge’s ArtScience Café, his skill was nowhere more evident than his focus on promoting a “no waste” cocktail culture which drew heavily from the spices and teas of his native Tibet. As gregarious as he was adroitly gifted, any customer who spend more than ten minutes in his presence was greeted with a warmth and enthusiasm which was positively infection.

Which is why his death this past Sunday from a months-long fight with liver cancer sent shockwaves through the Boston food & drink community.

Abby Nizegoda of NBC 10 posted the “Boston bar scene has lost a legend,” while Commitee Greek Ouzeri’s Ryan Brown tweeted that Samdo was “one of the kindest and wisest souls our Boston and Global Hospitality Industry has ever seen.” Now, the same community which supported him in his two decade career as one of Boston’s most celebrated drink innovators is banding together for a benefit fundraiser this Wednesday, January 30th with proceeds going to support Samdo’s eight year old son Mila.

The benefit, known as #TEAMTENZIN, will take place at ArtScience Café from 8:00 pm - 1:00 am, and will feature hors d’oeuvres from the likes of Porto’s Jody Adams, Lolita’s Corey Seeker and ArtScience’s own Benjamin Lacy, as well as selections from Samdo’s last cocktail menu; inspired by endangered aquatic species.

“In less than two decades, Tenzin has built a career as one of the most talented bartenders in the country, marrying a unique sense of aesthetics and cocktail storytelling with a spirit of kindness and generosity,” read the event page. “His kind heart, positive attitude, and incredible ability to foster community are evident in those who have volunteered to lend their support.”

For those unable to attend the event this Wednesday, a GoFundMe campaign has been established for Samdo’s family

ArtScience Café is located at 650 E Kendall St in Cambridge. Tickets for the benefit are $20 and are available from Eventbrite. For more information, please visit