Boston, MA– On public transportation buses in Boston last week, observant riders have noticed some subtle (and definitely unintentional) references to actor Keanu Reeves. It makes perfect sense though, if you think about it, because 2019 is the 25 year anniversary of the movie Speed, and the 20 year anniversary of the iconic film The Matrix, both of which star Reeves. So of course.

Speed is the most famous movie ever made about a bus ride, as the story takes place on a bus that's rigged to explode if it dips below a certain speed. The Matrix is a mind-bending journey in a world of sentient computers and virtual reality. Both films' legacies were observed when a computer error read out on a malfunctioning bus screen in Boston this past week. Now we know what The Matrix would have been like if it had taken place inside a bus. A bit underwhelming, actually.

Bus screen of death from boston

Reddit user, u/adoucett, shared an image on his Friday morning bus ride of the screen that he dubbed the "bus screen of death." Typically, this screen serves as a source of information for bus passengers, as well as a means of keeping video tabs on the potential needs of those passengers. However, this purpose clearly fell by the wayside as the screen displayed, among other such error messages, one that read, "A problem has been detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer." The coding and error messages are definitely reminiscent of certain cyberpunk-esque qualities of The Matrix.

This photo was taken on a 1 bus, according to u/adoucett, but apparently, according to other users, error messages have been popping up like this in many other places, including on some 57 buses and on the turnstiles that accompany the T station platforms.

The malfunction is an unfortunate one and it has also made it very clear that the MBTA is running on Windows, and when Windows isn't working, there is not a whole lot the buses can do about it. What version of Windows are they running, I wonder.