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Bruins May Get a New Alternative Uniform

Bruins May Get a New Alternative Uniform

Boston, MA - Sources suggest that the Boston Bruins may be in for one of the biggest changes of any professional sports team; a new uniform. This change - albeit - a minor one could bring about interesting new fashion options for fans and team members, as the National Hockey League announced during the offseason that roughly two-thirds of the teams would be receiving new jersey sweaters as part of uniform changes. Now, just to clarify, the home and road jerseys would remain the same for every team in the NHL, but the jersey sweaters that come in the third part of the uniform rotation will be new for over half of the league.

It is not yet clear whether the Bruins will be among the teams receiving some fresh designs for their uniforms, but it is likely that Boston will experience a new type of uniform regardless. The 2019 Winter Classic, as every Winter Classic has done before, will provide the teams with special uniforms for one of the most watched hockey games of the regular season. This year, the Bruins will be squaring off against the Chicago Blackhawks, meaning both teams will receive special edition Winter Classic jersey sweaters.

This change does not necessarily preclude Boston from receiving a third jersey sweater for their uniform rotations, but it does make it less likely that either Boston or Chicago would be included in the NHL’s initiative to provide new uniforms to roughly two-thirds of the league. It is also possible that the NHL could include the Bruins and the Blackhawks in this initiative and claim that the third jersey sweaters for each team come to them thanks to the Winter Classic.

The Bruins are frequently ranked among the top teams in any of the four major American professional sports leagues in terms of logo and uniform designs. The spoked B made to evoke the image of a hockey puck is iconic and envied by many teams with lesser logos. However, it would be very interesting to see if the Bruins could maintain their lucky streak with designs and logos with a third jersey sweater that is equally enviable as its predecessors. One potential example that fans would welcome back are the old black away jersey sweaters with bears on the front from the late 1980s and early 1990s.