Boston, MA– When fans purchase tickets to attend pivotal and high-stress sporting events in Boston, that typically hefty investment assures that there are always going to be plenty of benefits provided to them so that they can have the best possible experience. Ideally, they will come away with a memento to remember the game by. Most of the high-stress games in Boston are the ones that take place in the post-season. Playoffs aren't that rare in Boston, obviously, but they still manage to be something of an annual affair, so it's always nice to have mementos from big events like that.

For the most part, teams will give out special rally towels or commemorative t-shirts to fans on their seats in the stadiums. And while the Boston Bruins are no stranger to playoff towels, there is also a strong bit of evidence that the team has given out towels in many more games than just the playoffs. And now, the evidence can be seen in the form of a cape.

The glorious creature made a cape out of her game towels from boston

On a public transportation stop in Sullivan Square, Reddit user, u/MrRemoto, shared the image of an elite Boston Bruins fan who is celebrating the beloved hockey team's trip to the conference semifinals while decked out in a Bruins hockey helmet, as well as an entire cape fashioned from towels that the fan clearly received from a whole host of Bruins game they had attended.

Judging by the towels that are legible on the cape in this picture, two of them are explicitly post-season towels that feature a logo for the Bruins' playoffs campaigns from various seasons, as well as the intimidating bear from the team's logo. There is also a towel from when the Bruins partook in the Winter Classic and one that deems Boston as "the hub of hockey." The last one that can be made out in its entirety reads: "Hibernation always ends in October." Not sure that's accurate, but I get it.

With superfans like these, how could Boston ever possibly lose? Ok game two was a heartbreaker, but hopes are high for game three on Tuesday.

Image via ebay