Foxborough, MA– Now, I know what you are thinking. Aren't custody battles inherently devoid of cuteness? And to insinuate otherwise would be doing a disservice to those embroiled in such high-stakes prolonged legal battles? Right, usually, I would agree. But trust me when I say that the custody battle that New England Patriots wide receiver Braxton Berrios found himself in over the weekend is one that will actually bring you joy.

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Sunday Blues

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Clearly, Berrios knows how to post some ok-looking photographs like the one above. He's generally not very active on Instagram, especially when compared to some current and former Patriots (Danny Amendola comes to mind) who love to air their personal grievances on the Internet. The details of the drama-filled custody affair were contained in his Instagram story, a short-term news bite now lost to the ether. But thanks to Reddit user, u/bostonsam, Berrios' weekend story will be immortalized forever as the one in which Berrios found himself campaigning for custody over some furry friends.

In a planter outside of his home, Berrios discovered baby rabbits. Of course, this weekend was a rainy one, so Berrios immediately engaged with his protective mode and made sure that the little bunnies were shielded from the elements. He also found some food for them and adorably made sure they had something to eat, since he was unsure if the rabbits were getting the nutrition they needed. (Are baby rabbits too young to eat carrots?)

However, the situation became even more complicated when the distressed parents of these baby bunnies returned to the planter and were locked in a bit of drama with Berrios. Of course, the receiver relented, and the rabbit family was reunited together. Doesn't get more adorable than this, folks.

Berrios may be in line for a larger workload in the 2019-20 season for the Patriots. Let's hope his nurturing instincts will make him incapable of losing control over a football.