BRAINTREE - We all knew the heatwave was coming this weekend, but no amount of preparation could have braced anyone for how hot it was. Between the high temperatures and the humidity, some parts of the state reported that it felt upwards of 110 degrees outside. No on felt like moving, let alone actually doing their jobs, and this included the Braintree Police Department.

The Braintree Police Department is no stranger to going viral thanks to the memes on their Facebook page, but this type of next-level heat required some next-level humor, and the force was more than happy to provide. Amazingly, the request seems to have worked. In a thank you posted on Monday, the Braintree Police reported that there were zero arrests made the entire weekend.

While internet humor isn't often thought of as a tool police forces can use towards community building and reducing crime, maybe it's time they did, with Braintree leading the way.