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BPD Will Issue Citations for Marijuana Consumption at Boston Calling Music Festival

BPD Will Issue Citations for Marijuana Consumption at Boston Calling Music Festival

Boston, MA– The Boston Calling 3-day music festival starts tomorrow in Allston. With headliners Twenty One Pilots, Tame Impala, and Travis Scott, it should be a pretty good show. While you're there, you might also see Boston Police on "high alert" for marijuana consumption.

The Boston Police Department recently made an announcement reminding people that while recreational marijuana is now legal for adults over 21, it remains illegal to consume cannabis in public. BPD has affirmed that they will be issuing tickets for those found violating the public consumption laws, reports CBS Boston.

Joe Gilmore expressed his confusion over why cannabis is being targeted, but the public consumption for alcohol laws are not applicable at the festival. Gilmore, a member of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, said of the decision to allow alcohol but not marijuana at the festival: “I think it’s so hypocritical.  As you can imagine, there’s so much more deaths from alcohol every year.”

People attending the festival questioned if a cannabis permit could be obtained for festivals like the Boston Calling. A proposal for allowing social consumption permits has been approved by the Cannabis Control Commission, but the laws are not yet in place to allow for permitting.

Governor Charlie Baker weighed in on cannabis public consumption permits. He stated, “If you’re going to treat this like alcohol, you should treat it like alcohol, and public consumption in regards to alcohol, unless you have a permit and a whole set of rules and requirements that are set into place, you can’t do.”

But does allowing alcohol while forbidding marijuana at the festival actually imply a double standard? Many would answer that question with a hard no, pointing out that marijuana affects all attendees due to secondhand smoke. Plus, Massachusetts law forbids smoking (anything) in a public place. It remains to be seen how social consumption permits will deal with concerns about secondhand smoke inhalation. Perhaps the "pot cafes" will have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers? So retro.

Many law-abiding festival attendees will probably elect to eat edibles before going to the festival instead.