BOSTON – In the music industry, few artists have the kind of insider pass that Rihanna does. She is easily one of the best pop stars working today and even though she has not had a new album in over three years, she's Rihanna! She should do whatever makes her happy.

Curiously, one of the things that seems to be making Rihanna happy is a dive bar in Boston known as The Pour House.

Located on Boylston Street, The Pour House is lovingly known as a dive bar, but also serves as a relaxed, laid-back bar and grill, which can certainly be a welcome alternative to the high-octane clubs that dominate the nighttime bar scene. While Rihanna was in Boston, she returned to The Pour House three times over the course of two days.

The general manager of The Pour House, Brian Peters, noted that Rihanna was excellent to the wait staff, and hinted at her affinity for the restaurant's chicken wings. And in case you don't believe him, he did share this image with Rihanna on his Instagram after her second day visiting.

The Pour House has gained a reputation as being the spot to go in Boston for celebrities who want to keep a low profile as Adam Sandler has frequented in the past. Even Rihanna, who has hundreds of millions of adoring fans, was able to skirt the hoards. The Pour House is a bar and grill that has a good reputation for having stellar employees with affordable food options.

As for Rihanna, the last couple months of the year might end up proving to be massive for her. Her film with Donald Glover, Guava Island, could enter some awards conversations and there have been long-gestating rumors that her new album is finally going to drop in December. She promised last year that it would release in 2019 and she's running out of time!

As amazing as it is to watch her day drink with Seth Meyers, I certainly hope the year ends with The Pour House blaring the latest Rihanna anthem on New Year's Eve.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Liam Mendes