BOSTON - As we continue into November, the holiday season becomes more and more prevalent in the minds of everyone. With Thanksgiving just two and a half weeks away, there will be no denying that the Christmas season will be upon us thereafter.

Those of us who start listening to holiday music on November 1 will finally be vindicated. However, the day after Thanksgiving does not only mark the start of Christmas festivities for everyone, it is also emblematic of the entire holiday season, which does include Christmas. But also includes, for example, Hanukkah.

This year, Christmas will be taking place right in the middle of the heart of Hanukkah as the celebration of “eight crazy nights” will occur from December 22 to December 30. Also celebrating Hanukkah is an annual event in Boston that has recently been named as one of the best cities to celebrate Hanukkah in all of the United States.

"Hanukkah" is an event put on by Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the Jewish Arts Collaboration that has become a Boston tradition over the course of the past six years, as shared by Boston.Com.

Not only does it serve for a delightful series of Hanukkah festivities, but it also helps put many art forms to the forefront of the minds of attendees, including storytelling with The Moth, modern dance and performance art troupes, live music, cooking, and an interactive experience that is themed to the use of black lights. Because of its prestige and beloved status in the hearts of many in Boston’s Jewish community and beyond, the event has been honored with esteemed recognition. published a list of the eight best Hanukkah celebrations in the United States and Hanukkah at the MFA was included in the feature!

This is definitely a great honor that will also surely raise the profile and attendance of the event altogether. This year is guaranteed to be the biggest celebration yet. Also included in the coveted list from Martha Stewart’s website are New York City’s Latke Festival, Dallas’ Hanukkah Hoopla, and Atlanta’s Grand Menorah Lighting.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons