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Boston’s Climate & Weather May Be Cause for Concern, Experts Say

Boston’s Climate & Weather May Be Cause for Concern, Experts Say

Boston, MA - The City of Boston has experienced many flooded streets in past years, and experts say that it’ll get worse as the years go on.

Boston has had a hard time in recent years with storms; according to experts, we have yet to see the worst. David Cash, a leading school official of the University of Massachusetts, Boston stated in an interview that we’ve “been lucky.” The Sustainable Solutions Lab from the University of Massachusetts, Boston conducted and released a study regarding the matter this past Friday about the future of Boston’s climate. Possible solutions consist of altering zoning laws and revamping building codes to make the surrounding areas safer.

In a detailed report, the Sustainable Solutions Lab suggested that the first floors would withstand rushes of water if they were elevated, if designed properly.

Cash stated that revamp of the zoning laws and building codes will give Boston the advantage during dry and wet times; in other words, not only will the infrastructure and the like be used during non-flooding times, but it will also withstand pressures and not be hurt during flooding times.

Cash, also co-author of the new report provided to the public by the Sustainable Solutions Lab, stated that upcoming storms are said to be stronger. Such major storms are likely to have much larger tides and possible flooding, and they will be extremely costly if we don’t start preparing now. With the predicted sea level rise and the potential increase in major storms, Boston should buckle down and start protecting its land and buildings in order to avoid spending billions of dollars in the future.

All in all, Boston needs to do what they can to make their town more resilient, particularly before the next Florence, Harvey or Sandy hits.

As we are a city on the coast, we want to protect our town as best we possibly can. It may be best to heed the warnings provided by Cash and his team and to spend the necessary money now so that we don’t have to spend unnecessary money in the future.

Photo Credit: Dave Throup - Boston, January 4, 2018