Boston, MA - Everyone knows that going on a season of “The Bachelor” can be challenging, to say the least. What’s more is that every woman on this year’s season is wondering how to stand out and make a good first impression. Alex Dillon knew just what to do, or at least she thought she did; Dillon showed up to the season premiere in a sloth costume to, well, take things, “slowly.”

That’s right, Alex Dillon thought it was a great idea to show up in front of former NFL player Colton Underwood in the most unconventional way possible: Dressed as a sloth.

Prior to the premiere, Dillon’s short bio was released in an attempt to warn viewers of the comedic entrance. Dillon’s profile also stated that she’s a 23-year-old originally from Cape Cod; she’s currently a Boston resident. The bio also stated that she likes to cheer on the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox when she’s off work, where she’s an account manager for an IT staffing agency. She may talk fast, but she likes to move slowly, hence the symbolism behind her sloth costume.

Dillon was not the only one that made a dramatic entrance, though. Another contestant went as far as to fake an Australian accent in an attempt to claim a rose that night.

Though Dillon was one of the six women sent home at the end of the season premiere, she still gained plenty of online fans by performing her little skit. She even had the former “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on her side. Fedotowsky-Manny tweeted that night, stating that she was on the floor laughing; she claimed it was the best limo entrance she had ever seen on the show.

On Tuesday, Dillon publicly thanked Underwood for his patience with her via Instagram. She went on to tell all of her fans about her current relationship status – single.

It’s safe to say Suzette the Sloth will be put away for the time being (the sloth costume), or so Dillon has stated to all of her fans.