BOSTON - For many, the idea of opening their own candy shop would be an absolute dream come true. For others, becoming a licensed pharmacist would be the fulfillment of their ambitions. But for Mike Pajolek, the owner of a new shop in the North End known as Happy Pills Boston, his dream is a combination of both of these aspects. After four years of hard work, he has finally brought these hopes to fruition in the city of Boston.

Happy Pills is a candy store franchise that has made a big name for itself around the world, thanks to its unconventional design of being a candy store dressed up in the aesthetics of a pharmacy. Typically, when kids think about what they would most and least like to consume, candy and medicine tend to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, Happy Pills bridges this gap and shows that giving out candy can be a job that almost mirrors that of giving out pills. Although, a bit more know-how and safety measurements are required for the latter. Hence the name, Happy Pills.

The franchise is one that began in Barcelona, Spain before expanding to other areas of the globe, like South Korea and Canada. Now, after four years of work to bring a Happy Pills location to the United States (specifically in Boston's North End), Pajolek can look back on his efforts with pride. Happy Pills is now open and you can try it out for yourself at the location of 121 Salem Street. Happy Pills is closed on Mondays, but it runs standard from Tuesday to Saturday, with abbreviated hours on Sunday. That means you can make your first trip there as early as today!

It is a very sleek look inside the store as eighty-eight different candies are slotted into a pattern on the wall and they are just ripe for selection. All types of candy are available, too, and patrons are encouraged to fill their "bottles" with different candies, as shared by With prices coming in by terms of weight, you might purchase candy for three dollars or you might be in for about half a hundred. Either way, Happy Pills seems to be a must-stop shop for candy in the city of Boston!

Image via Wikimedia Commons