Boston, MA - There’s a big stretch of land separating Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences and Sargent College, but if all goes well, BU will have a new Data Sciences Center placed in that area.

According to projections, BU is hoping that the new Data Sciences Center will soon be the academic heart of the university. If all goes as planned, the 17-floor building will have countless areas allowing students and professionals to learn statistics, mathematics, computer sciences, and a range of science and engineering courses.

Boston University’s president, Robert A. Brown, stated that this project has been in the works since spring of 2013. Back then, the University’s leadership team wanted to find an architect that could make a statement with the new building. The aim was to find one that could both show the University’s dynamic change as well as target the style of the current century.

The Data Sciences Center will be built at 645 Commonwealth Avenue. The proposed building plans will make the science center the tallest building on campus, at over 290 feet high. Brown stated that in placing this building at the center of campus, it will show to all that it’s central to the University.

The approval process from the city of Boston could take up to a year, but if the project gets through, production could begin as early as spring 2019. The team anticipates the entire building to be up by fall 2019. When the building is completed, an approximate 60% of all Boston University classes will be held in, or immediately around (five-minute walking distance) the Data Sciences Center.

As far as the design goes, the science center will have elements from all surrounding buildings incorporated into it. In addition, it will change color, depending on the direction by which the sun hits the building.

The ground floor level will be generally known as a place for the public, encompassing a café along with lobby spaces, general-purpose classrooms, and a learning lab. All other floors will be set accordingly. The 17th floor will offer an indoor-outdoor conference room for all to see views of the Charles River and Boston in general.

Boston University is set on opening the Data Sciences Center in spring 2022, marking a new architectural era for the University.