BOSTON - It is hard to equate Boston traffic with fun and games but for a group of board game creators that is exactly what they have done with Gridlock Boston, backed by a Kickstarter campaign.

As shared by NECN, the Kickstarter campaign has successfully met its goal in order to bring Gridlock Boston to life, "a competitive board game about driving through the city where the roads make no sense and everything is always changing on you."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the creators behind the board game have managed to surpass their goal of $5,000, collecting $6,074 from 82 backers and with plenty of time to spare before their campaign ends.

"In Gridlock, two to four players are all trying to get around to different parts of the city, at the same time. Each player has a random starting point and five random destinations that they need to get to before everyone else gets to theirs. But you can't just set out right away, because first, you'll need some roads," the Kickstarter page shares.

Adding, "It also helps that Boston's streets are famously convoluted, which inspired the idea of the game in the first place."

Players OF Gridlock Boston will be able to visit such famous Boston locations as TD Garden, Copley Square, the Theater District, Fanueil Hall and more - if you can get there.

Those who donated their monetary support with $100 or more will be the lucky recipients of a "Masshole" edition of the game, as shared by WBZ, that comes complete with an "electronic button that will play authentic Boston traffic sounds when you press it," as well as "some salty epithets, for firggin' authenticity," to make you feel like a real Bostonian!

For serious board game collectors, the creators behind Gridlock Boston will be teaming up with the talented crew of craftspeople from Moore Labs to develop a deluxe edition of the board game that will include "laser etched hardwood hex tiles and upgraded game pieces."

Image Via Wikimedia Commons