Boston, MA– Imagine this: You're out to dinner in downtown Boston with your family. In a rush, you park in the wrong spot, nervous you'll lose your reservation. Your car gets towed.

You ask your family to wait at the restaurant as you take an Uber to the tow lot. There, you're greeted with a terrible surprise. The front of your car is shattered. What happened? Did someone back into it while it was parked?

Not quite. Apparently some tow truck drivers are not overly cautious with the vehicles they tow.

7News Boston released a new report with a startling claim about the frequency of damages to towed cars. This isn't on a small scale either. In fact, tow truckers for the city of Boston were responsible for at least $280,000 worth of damages to towed cars in the last decade.

Yes, you read that correctly. Almost $300,000 in damages to cars whose owners may already have to pay a fine for parking in the wrong spot. So, who is to blame?

The Boston Transportation Department is in charge of towing vehicles. When asked about this issue, they said that they rarely damage vehicles. In fact, all Boston tow truck drivers go through an extensive training process and any drivers who make mistakes are sometimes given additional training.

However, in that same report, 7News reports that a single truck driver was personally responsible for damaging 35 cars, which cost the city of Boston almost $40,000.

It doesn't seem like the training system worked for that guy. (I'm taking a leap and assuming it's a man. Lady tow truck drivers, I'm sure you are much more conscientious about your work.)

It's bad enough to get your car towed and subsequently damaged; what's worse is that taxpayer money is used to compensate the owners of the vehicles. We are literally paying for these mistakes!

So, maybe next time you're late for a reservation downtown, don't take the risk of parking in front of a fire hydrant. If you happen to get towed, you may find your car in much worse shape than you left it.

(Photo via Wikimedia)