Boston, MA - Per tradition, tea was once again thrown into the Boston Harbor this weekend signaling the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This year marks the 245th anniversary of the nationally known historical event.

Sunday, December 16, 2018, marked the annual celebration of the Boston Tea Party.

As many know, the Boston Tea Party was an event where many colonists protested what is known as taxation without representation. To protest, the colonists decided to throw British tea into the Boston Harbor. Many of us Americans have learned of this protest via our history books. Those of us who are familiar with the event know and understand that the Boston Tea Party was one of the most pivotal events leading up to the American Revolution.

Every year, a reenactment takes place on the anniversary. The Old South Meeting House and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum have organized it this year, as they have in the past.

Loose tea has been sent in from areas around the country for the reenactment to take place. The loose tea will be thrown into the Boston Harbor tonight as a symbolic act for a portion of the event. It is said that more than 40 crates of tea will be thrown into the harbor this year.

Many streets will be closed in Boston from the Old South Meeting House to the waterfront so that the reenactment can take place peacefully and with minimal distractions and/or traffic.

Despite the freezing rain, sleet, and potential snow, the reenactment is said to go on. No cancellations have been noted yet. Many locals and volunteers will express their recognition and recognition for the Boston Tea Party by dressing the part while they dump the tea into the Boston Harbor.

For more information on the event, head on down and check it out yourself. There will be dumping of the tea along with other activities for everyone to join in on.

A meeting afterward has yet to be announced by the members involved.