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Boston Squirrels Are Not Like Other Squirrels

Boston Squirrels Are Not Like Other Squirrels

Boston, MA– Back in December of last year, a tweet by Rodger Sherman, sportswriter for The Ringer, went viral when he commented on the reverence with which people treat “their” college campus squirrels. It’s almost like a claim to fame. “BU squirrels are different than all other squirrels,” some might say. If you closely observe the activity of "your" local squirrels, who perhaps are regularly seen extracting muffin wrappers from inside of crumpled Dunkin bags, it's understandable that one might think: these squirrels aren't like the squirrels back home.

This, of course, is likely untrue, but it did result in a viral thread about the state of various college campuses and their resident squirrels.

Sure, Sherman probably has a point because squirrels are going to be the same no matter where you go, but some individual squirrels are certainly more desensitized and emboldened to finding food wherever they can. After all, if you live in a city for long enough, you are going to get used to the way it operates. The same is true for the squirrel. But the same is probably true across all cities and their squirrels.

Except for Boston, of course. Here in Boston, we only operate in superlatives and it is definitely safe to say that the squirrels in Boston are braver than squirrels in any other city. Just check out this Reddit discussion!

Boston: the city of the bravest squirrels from r/boston

Reddit user u/pimpmastercd shared a video of a squirrel approaching them on a park bench in Boston as it began to climb further into and closer to the purse that was resting on the bench before it was finally shooed away. In response, it hustled off the bench and sprinted into the nearby grass.

To be honest, I do not care what people from other cities say, that video tells you everything you need to know. Boston squirrels are equipped with a special sort of dumb courage and it shows in the way they interact with local Bostonians on a day to day basis. They even ride the T.