BOSTON - The Boston SciFi Film Festival may not be as popular or well-known as similar events like Boston Comic-Con, Fan Expo Boston, and the Boston Film Festival. But for people who love to see genre movies at a theater-based convention filled with fans of similar likes and interests, nothing can compare to the SciFi Film Festival.

This year, the festival is getting a boost from the sponsorship of Fan Expo Boston, per Patch. This organization is going to lend its support to the SciFi of it all with a slew of intelligent managers who know how to make conventions and festivals the best they can be. In a move that made this relationship a mutually beneficial one, it was announced that the SciFi Film Festival will also be helping to create experiences and stories for this year's Fan Expo in Boston, which will take place later in 2020 (August 7 to August 9).

But the SciFi Film Festival is right around the corner! It is slated to kick off this Friday and run all the way through to February 17, a Monday. That is a great chunk of time for the nerds of the city to celebrate! Ten days is certainly much longer than a number of expos and festivals tend to run for. This year also serves as the fest's forty-fifth anniversary. As one of the longest-running conventions in Boston, it will be hosting this milestone celebration at the Somerville Theatre.

Tickets and merchandise are available now, but if you're interested, you'll want to act fast. The passes for the entire festival have already been sold out and they are only available on an individual ticketed basis now. Some of the events that might be of interest to you include screenings, panels, and workshops.

Films at this festival include such anticipated releases as Alien AddictionProxima (the opening night affair), Spirit: A MartianBlood Quantum, and I Am Ren. Lunches and panels with filmmaking extraordinaire like Tate Bunker, Marvin Choi, Mattie Do, and Vanessa Harryhausen will be held at nearby eateries like The Burren and the Orleans Restaurant.

Harryhausen will also be in attendance for the annual Marathon event that sees sci-fi films from across generations played in succession for twenty-four hours to close out the event. You might recognize films like SpaceballsThe Fly, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde among this year's marathon selections. New short films will also be debuting constantly throughout the festival.

Lastly, workshops are featured with topics like post-production, trailers, and women in sci-fi producing gigs. There are so many endlessly interesting topics! This year's SciFi Film Festival is sure to be a great one.

Image via Wikimedia Commons