BOSTON, MA– A recent study has found that Boston is the 80th best city to drive in the United States of America.

Yes, you read correctly. There are 79 better cities to drive in than Boston. 79! I mean, I knew it was bad but... not this bad. And trust me, it gets worse.

In the ranking of highest annual hours spent in congestion per commuter we were bottom of the list. We spend, on average, 18 times more hours in traffic than Fort Wayne, IN.

In the ranking of how likely the average driver was to get in an accident, Boston was second to last, only to be outdone by Baltimore, MD. Again, to put that into perspective, a random driver in Boise, ID is 24 times less likely to get into an accident than you or me. That's ridiculous.

Okay we get it, it's not great. Nope, sorry. There's more.

We are again bottom of the list with the fewest auto-repair shops per capita in the United States.

We are third-bottom with the fewest car washes per capita.

We are fifth bottom in both highest auto maintenance costs, and highest parking rates. The average parking rate in Reno, NV is almost 34 times lower than in Boston.

I knew driving in Boston wasn't great, but to be honest these numbers are staggering. To summarize: we are the worst city in the country for time spent in traffic per capita, second to last in likelihood of getting into an accident, we have the fewest auto shops per capita, third bottom of fewest car washes, and fifth bottom with high auto maintenance costs and high parking rates. All that put together gives us the, frankly generous, ranking of the 80th best city to drive in the United States of America.

Happy Wednesday! And maybe think about taking the T.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash