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WGBH Hosts Give Outgoing Police Commissioner a 'Dope' Gift

WGBH Hosts Give Outgoing Police Commissioner a 'Dope' Gift

Boston, MA - This past Tuesday, Boston Public Radio’s talk-show hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagon invited Police Commissioner William Evans to bid farewell on his last segment of “Ask the Commissioner.”

The radio station 89.7 WBGH Boston has had William Evans on their segment for quite some time, and in honor of Evans’ last show with the two hosts, Braude and Eagon decided to surprise him with something a '90s teen might call a 'dope' gift: A bong.

When interviewed on the gift choice, both Braude and Eagon stated that they saw it fitting to give Evans a bong as his parting present, especially considering the lengthy amount of time he's spoken about the legalization of marijuana in the state of Massachusetts on air. Luckily, Evans sported his outgoing and comical personality, as he often does, and asked both Braude and Eagon if the they initially found the bong in Margery's home.

Evans was a Boston Police Commissioner through Massachusetts' early stages of marijuana legalization, therefore leaving him quite knowledgeable on the topic. In October 2016, he went as far as to say the stench of marijuana is quite literally everywhere. In other words, everywhere he went, all he smelt was marijuana, and he did not like it. He concluded in an interview that he actually hates the potent smell and states that he opposes the use of marijuana.

Even after Braude and Eagon gifted Evans the bong, Evans continued to state his opposition to the public, yet still managed to show that outgoing personality of his. He told audiences that he was serious about the marijuana issue, and that he would continue to be serious about it in years to come.

After many years of working hard as a Boston Police Commissioner, William Evans will now retire this year. Though he may not like marijuana, and though he may not get use out of that bong that Braude and Eagon purchased for him, he will be able to catch up on some rest and relaxation.

In other, semi-relative news, Evans told reporters recently he's looking to relax, sit back, and gain some weight once he's retired; Maybe that bong will help him in the long run.