Boston, MA - The Boston Police Department apprehended a man allegedly accused of being involved in a double murder approximately six months ago in the Boston area. According to statements given by police officials, the man was found hiding out in Georgia.

Nicholas Antoine, age 20, recently resided in Roxbury. The following three groups of officials found and apprehended Antoine:

-          Members of the U.S. Marshalls

-          Law enforcement officials from Georgia

-          Boston Police Department’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit

-          Boston Police Department’s Homicide Unit

Specifically speaking, Antoine was found in Jonesboro, Georgia. He was put into custody at the local area trailer park.

Antoine was charged with two counts of murder, dating back to June 30, 2018. On June 30th, Antoine allegedly shot two Massachusetts men in the Boston area. The Boston Police Department had received a call regarding the incident, claiming that the shooting had taken place in the areas of Faneuil and Bracket Street in Brighton. The two victims involved in the shooting, Wilfred Peters, age 26 of Brighton, and Jeffrey Montague, age 27 of Cambridge, were pronounced dead on the scene.

Police Commissioner William Gross gave an official statement recently, stating that the Boston Homicide and Fugitive Units worked tirelessly to make sure they found the suspect, tracked him down, and arrested him. Both units found Antoine hiding in a trailer park located in Georgia. They immediately brought the suspect in and arrested the man; by doing so, justice was brought to the families of Peters and Montague.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office located in Georgia also found Antoine wanted on additional charges. Such charges included:

-          Possession of a firearm without a license to carry

-          Carrying ammunition without a firearms ID card

-          Possession of a firearm within 500 feet of a home without an ID card or license to carry

In addition to Antoine being arrested, his girlfriend, Latifa Brown, was also cuffed and brought into custody. Police officials had later found that Brown was wanted on a count of violating her probation due to a previous traffic offense.