Boston, MA - The alleged story goes as follows. Off-duty Boston Police Officer, Emanuel Brandao, started his Friday night by meeting a woman using the pseudonym “Natalia,” with whom had connected via Instagram. The 25 year old was actually Neish Rivera, rather than Natalia, and together with her 22 year old friend Melissa Dacier, the three made their way to the Cadillac Lounge strip club and later the Foxy Lady. Both women were reportedly exotic dancers, according to the Boston Magazine.

As time went on, Brandao and the two women headed to a hotel room at the Hampton Inn in Pawtucket, where the officer was said to have broken up a fight between a man and the two women he was with.

According to the Boston Herald, the Brandao gave one of the suspects permission to grab a phone charger from his car, at which point he gave her the keys to his vehicle. After some time went by, Melissa came back into the room and stated she had to make a quick phone call, according to Boston 25 News. Melissa then left the room and Natalia followed her soon after to “check up on her friend.” When the two women didn’t return, the police officer went to his cruiser, only to see that his glove compartment was open, and his .40-caliber Glock 22 was missing.

The officer immediately reported the situation, at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The strippers were both later caught and charged with felony theft of a firearm. Dacier and Rivera were arraigned on Monday and were held without bail due to previous charges.

The Boston police officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay by his department. An internal affairs investigation is still ongoing. The police officer involved is being looked at as the “victim” of the case.