Boston, MA - Police Commissioner William G. Gross is fired-up over the ACLU’s motion to sue the city over the so-called gang database. The ACLU came forward in a statement recently, saying that, “the civil rights advocates are turning a blind eye to atrocities.”

In response to the lawsuit, Gross decided to show the public how upset he was through a post on Facebook. The post stated that there is never an ACLU member present when the police department is required to tell a mother or father that their child has been murdered by a gang member. Gross went even further, stating that there is never an ACLU member present when an officer is shot, when a citizen is helped by the police department, etc. Despite what the ACLU members knew as the ‘paper warriors’ say, Gross stated the police officers will continue to do their job the best they can, as always.

Police Commissioner William G. Gross found it appropriate to target these members of the ACLU since this union has little definite information regarding how the police handle gang members. The original accusation stated that the Boston police are too secretive when it came to how they handled suspected gang members. The ACLU went further to say that the Boston police are suspected of targeting and investigating a lengthy number of students that were either black or brown and that may or may not be involved in a gang.

An interview with Sergeant John Boyle was released to the public yesterday, where he stated that the police commissioner posted his thoughts to his own personal Facebook page. After this commentary, Boyle neglected to speak about the matter any further.

The commentary didn’t stop there for Gross, though. He went on even further to state that the ACLU had not been involved in helping the MS-13 gang situation. The MS-13 gang is a group of people in Boston associated with killings, robberies, extortion, and drug dealing. According to Gross, the ACLU is best at, “hiding and waiting for a slow news day to justify their existence.”