BOSTON – At this point, UpToBoston might as well have an entire section dedicated to news and oddities about the MBTA. Every day, it is something new with these buses and trains as they continuously cause interruptions to the days of passengers and commuters in Boston. Sometimes, these interruptions are humorous. Sometimes, they can be frustrating. In this particular instance, the interruption was downright dangerous.

On Tuesday, at the Andrew Square Station for the MBTA, a 34-year-old man from Dorchester was arrested by MBTA Transit Police for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The man, identified as Gregory Gomes, was accused by MBTA transit police of spraying bear repellent in a train car on the MBTA's red line two days ago. Witnesses at the scene said that Gomes managed to spray the bear repellent in the car for a couple seconds before officers found him laying down on top of his backpack, later revealing the bear repellent inside. He told officers, "I accidentally blew it up," per official statements of the incident.

Three people were harmed in the instance and were treated on site at Andrew Square Station with problems with their vision and with their breathing. Fortunately, this seems to be the extent of the seriousness of the injuries.

As for Gomes, he was eventually arrested despite resisting the officers. This was one of the charges he was given upon his arrest. He was also, of course, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

We just want to be able to ride the MBTA in peace.

At this point, the idea of the "Boston man" being the one to use bear repellent in a completely unprovoked and bizarre manner to harm others on the MBTA could result in it becoming the new "Florida man," the infamous Internet meme that presents all of the bizarre Floridian crimes as coming from one person. When it comes to the MBTA, "Boston man" might be a very strong up and comer.

Image via Kotulas