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Boston Man Arrested for Recording Guests In Vacation Home

Boston Man Arrested for Recording Guests In Vacation Home

BOSTON - For many New Englanders, staying in another family's beach home during the summer is fairly commonplace. But for some who vacationed in one home in Maine, something much creepier unfolded over the past week.

Samuel Mickey, a 26 year old man who lives in Boston, also has a family beach home in the community of Eliot, Maine, which is located in York County, right in the southern tip of the state. But while some friends of Mickey's were staying in his Maine home, they noticed that there were odd devices located in the bathroom that seemed to resemble broken phone chargers. After investigating these supposed "phone chargers," the teenagers in the family discovered that SD cards and recording devices were in the materials and they were disguised to look as innocuous as possible.

Per the Eliot Police Department and its chief, Elliott Moya, the recording devices were pointed at the shower and the toilet in the bathroom, with some facing the bedrooms, as well. They were motion activated and would record footage in three minute segments. Mickey was arrested last week for the violation of privacy, but since the charges came in Maine and Mickey was in Boston at the time of his arrest, he was also charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Obviously, this is an unseemly and rare occurrence, but it never hurts to be aware and vigilant when you are staying in a home that is owned by another person.

Image via Wikimedia / AntanO