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Boston Leads U.S. Cities in Quality of Life Measures

Boston Leads U.S. Cities in Quality of Life Measures

Boston, MA– According to a report by Deutsche Bank Research on world prices and living standards in cities and countries across the globe, Boston is the best city in the U.S. for quality of life measures. Globally, Boston is number eight for quality of life, lagging behind Zurich, Wellington N.Z., Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Vienna, Helskini, and Melbourne, respectively. The other U.S. city in the top ten was San Francisco, at number nine.

Boston also ranked fourth internationally for average amount of disposable income left over after rent. Average income in Boston is $4288 monthly (fourth highest overall), with rent for a mid-range two-bedroom  costing $2201 (seventh highest overall). That leaves you with a cool $2087 burning a hole in your pocket (though for many of us, much of our disposable income after rent goes toward student loans, car payments, and insurance).

The study ranked a number of price factors per city, including, curiously, the cost of cleaners. The study’s authors suggest that perhaps there is a “snow tax” in colder cities like Boston, since cleaning services in wintery places tend to be more expensive based on hourly rates. Of all the international cities included in the study, Boston has the fourth most expensive cleaners on average.

The average cost of beer in a Boston bar has gone up a good bit from 2014, when a pint would be $5.60 on average. Now, the average cost of a beer is $7.20.  

Boston ranks high for the price of monthly internet service, at number five overall with an average cost of $50 per month for 8 mbps in 2019.

The study also ranked cities’ affordability for tourists, and as Boston.com pointed out, Deutsche Bank researchers have pretty high standards for their weekends away. In this index, they calculated the cost of a weekend getaway using the following definition: “Two nights at a standard 5-star hotel room, two pub meals for two, two restaurant dinners for two, car rental for two days, two pints of beer, four litres of soft drinks/water, and a bit of shopping (purchases of a pair of jeans and a pair of sports shoes).” All this would run you $1226 in Boston. And Boston is apparently quite affordable in comparison, the 30th most expensive city on the list of 51 destinations.

Whether you’re evaluating the cost of living in Boston or just curious about how we rank in comparison, the indices are definitely worth a look. Other fun things they priced were the cost of cheap dates, bad habits, and 2 liters of Coca-Cola.