Every year, Forbes releases their list of the 50 most valuable sports franchises in the entire world. In the 2019 edition of the list, Boston is well-represented: the Celtics, Red Sox, and New England Patriots are not only in the top 50 of the list, but the top 25. The Bruins shouldn't feel too badly, though - no NHL teams made the list.

This makes sense in the context of just how rich the NFL is. Even the Jacksonville Jaguars made the list, and they're a lackluster team from a relatively small market in the league. And speaking of football, the Dallas Cowboys were ranked number one on the list, valued at $5 billion. The Patriots are the highest Boston team on the list, coming in at number seven. Owned by Robert Kraft, Forbes valued the Patriots at $3.8 billion with $235 million in income. This ranking was a 3% improvement from last year, likely thanks to the Super Bowl championship.

The Red Sox almost made the top 10, but they instead rank at 12, tied with the Los Angeles Rams. The Red Sox experienced a 14% change over the year to $3.2 billion . Lastly, the Celtics are tied at number 22 with the Houston Texans at $2.8 billion, a 12%  increase.

Obviously, it's a bit uncomfortable to be cheering for millionaires and billionaires to just keep getting richer, but there is another way you can look at this list: proof that our sports teams are so successful because they're perennially in contention for championships, and championships beget value. Just the championship rings of the Patriots alone are probably worth more than enough to secure a top ten spot.