Massachusetts Rated One of the Country's Least Friendly States.
Travel website Big 7 lists Massachusetts as the 47th friendliest state. We may not be actively unfriendly, the site says, but our general "indifference towards strangers" landed us this spot. Unfriendlier states are Delaware, Arkansas, and New York. Want to go someplace where people are just nice to you for no reason? Check out the friendliest states to visit. [CBS Boston]

Worcester Regional Transit Authority Considers Making Buses Free.

The WRTA Advisory Board voted recently to conduct a study and fare analysis for a possible "fare-free bus system" in an effort to increase ridership which has been on the decline. [News&Observer]

Boston Sheriff Comments on Policing Around 'Methadone Mile'.
Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins commented on the attack of a corrections officer in August in the South End, and he said there would be continued policing efforts in the area following "Operation Clean Sweep." See the full interview on NBC. [NBC Boston]

Red Line Ridership Remains Low Along With Customer Satisfaction Rates for the T.
Numbers released by the T from July show that ridership on the Red line has not rebounded following the June 11 derailment. Customer satisfaction rates may be at a record low. [Commonwealth]

MIT Academics Upset That University Took Money From Jeffrey Epstein.

Some like Ethan Zuckerman, a director at the MIT Media Lab, have announced their resignation after learning that the university had accepted $200,000 from the foundation of deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in jail after being accused of sex trafficking underage girls. [Boston Globe]

Purr Cat Cafe in Brighton Is For Sale.
If you're an animal lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Purr Cat Cafe in Brighton is for sale on Craigslist. [Craigslist]

Cambridge Police Officer Pays the Price for Helping Out a Skunk.
While removing a yogurt cup that was stuck on a skunk's head, Officer McGinty took a hit. He is expected to recover after multiple showers. Video at link. []

Allston Square Redesign Moves Forward.
After getting feedback from the community about plans for new retail and residential buildings at the intersection of Cambridge Street and Harvard Avenue, the Allston Square redesign will move forward while preserving some of the design features of the existing buildings. [RealEstate]

A Video Breakdown of the State Budget Process.
In this YouTube video, Senator Rausch and Representative Robinson explain the annual state budget process and how things get funded. If the legislative process seems opaque to you, this may shed some light. [YouTube]

Image by skeeze from Pixabay