BOSTON - Today, there are more ways to travel outside of Boston than ever. Likewise, the connections between Boston, Massachusetts and New York, New York areas abundant as they'll ever be. Everyday it seems like a new travel group or method has come up with a different route between the two northeast hub cities. Whether it be by bus or plane or anything in between, it has never been easier to get from Boston to New York. And now, Boston Harbor has made it even simpler by adding a brand new method of transportation.

Last week, the Boston Planning and Development Agency officially voted to provide a new license to the Boston Waterboat Marina. This new license is slated to provide the service of travel in the Boston Harbor with the ability to take on seaplanes! These seaplanes are slated to travel from the Boston Harbor to New York City over the course of the next year. During that year, the success of the seaplane method will be evaluated on a trial basis, meaning that this method of transit is not yet permanent. Though, it does have the potential to be.

According to Cape Air, the organization that will operate the seaplanes, the air vehicles will be able to take nine people to Manhattan in the span of roughly one hour. Four flights of the round trip variety will be provided to travelers on a daily basis, but per the provisions of the trial run, no more flights and no more flight services will be permitted to operate the seaplanes. They will be slated to depart from Boston in the body of water that resides next to Logan Airport, which is only logical. Flights are expected to cost upwards of four hundred dollars and could begin running as soon as next month.

This news broke at about the same time that news about the boats in the East Boston side of the Harbor did. It was announced by the Boston Globe last week that a commuter dock was finally slated to come to the Harbor in East Boston, with the long-gestating plans of such a dock finally advancing to a much more realistic stage. Between this development and the news of the seaplane-based travel, Boston Harbor is about to become a mecca for transportation inside and outside the city.

Image via Wikimedia Commons