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Boston Had Largest Increase In Median Home Price; Pittsburgh Airport Seems to Mock Our Situation

Boston Had Largest Increase In Median Home Price; Pittsburgh Airport Seems to Mock Our Situation

Boston, MA — New York, San Francisco, & Washington D.C. - These are the cities that most people think of when they speak about the most expensive cities in the U.S.A., but Boston has been joining those ranks at an ever-increasing rate. A sign at the Pittsburgh Airport makes that point in a clear and succinct fashion, showing the median list price of 3-bedroom homes in various cities throughout the nation.

The chart goes from most affordable to most expensive, beginning with Cleveland and Pittsburgh on the left at $134,900 and $159,900 per 3-bedroom home, respectively, ending with Boston at $439,000.

In a sarcastic post that got tens of thousands of views and over a thousand 'likes,' the original poster wrote, "A nice farewell from the Pittsburgh airport flying back to Boston," cracking-wise about travels back Boston.

Cleveland $134,900
Pittsburgh $159,900
Cincinnati $169,900
Indianapolis $170,000
St. Louis $185,000
Milwaukee $189,900
Detroit $200,000
Philadelphia $209,900
Charlotte $230,000
Minneapolis-St. Paul $265,000
Baltimore $280,000
Austin $295,900
Nashville $299,900
Seattle $389,900
Denver $418,500
Boston $439,000

Certainly, Boston does not have the most expensive housing in America, though.

According to research from Kiplinger, six of the top ten most expensive housing areas are in California. In fact, Boston does not appear on the list until position #10. With that said, however, Boston actually topped the list for largest increase in median home price for 2017.

Metro Area
Home Price
% Change
in 2017
% Change
Since Peak*
% Change
Since Bottom
Affordability Index
Boston, Mass.$398,00016.85.044.69
Ogden, Utah$211,00015.355.472.47
Salt Lake City, Utah$301,00014.553.584.87
San Jose, Calif.$1,000,00013.726.996.510
Las Vegas, Nev.$240,00013.6-31.4105.48
Seattle, Wash.$417,00013.134.492.49
Memphis, Tenn.$137,00012.7-14.638.41
Reno, Nev.$320,00012.2-10.0129.59
Tampa, Fla.$176,00012.1-17.880.85
Santa Rosa, Calif.$600,00012.12.192.810
Deltona, Fla.$170,00011.8-20.587.07
Jacksonville, Fla.$170,00011.6-16.461.07
Providence, R.I.$246,00011.5-25.250.28
Lansing, Mich.$128,00011.0-23.660.31
Dallas, Texas$182,00010.953.083.57
Stockton, Calif.$312,00010.8-26.7116.09
Port St. Lucie, Fla.$188,00010.2-18.689.98
Pensacola, Fla.$155,00010.1-8.243.94
Sacramento, Calif.$359,0009.8-13.0101.910
Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.$320,0009.4-20.187.610
San Francisco, Calif.$750,0009.39.7105.410

Nonetheless, travelers flying from Pittsburgh to Boston now can enjoy a friendly reminder that Boston is one of the country's least affordable places to live!