Boston, MA – This past Thursday afternoon (August 2nd), a boat used for the Boston duck tours collided with a nearby car at the intersection of Congress Street and State Street. The boat, an amphibious motor vehicle, was being used for a tour at the time of the accident, and its passengers were transported to another automobile. The driver of the car was hospitalized as a safety measure; however, there were no apparent injuries among the passengers of either vehicle.

The car involved in the collision was a white Audi sedan; its driver’s information has not yet been released. However, there is a debate among those interviewed regarding whether or not the driver of the Audi was at fault for the accident. An MBTA transit worker who was present at the scene of the accident argued that the car’s driver was at fault, claiming that the individual was “impatient” and “cut off the duck boat.”

The passengers on the boat reported that the accident occurred at a very slow speed and that many of them did not even notice the collision. Some passengers praised the boat’s driver for remaining calm and in control of the siutaion. Passenger Matt Gelmand reported that “the driver took every evasive opportunity that she had to prevent this from being far worse than it was.”

Those who observed the accident were startled by the sound of screeching tires as the two vehicles were both merging into the same lane when, reportedly, only one of them could fit. Jennifer Krokovsky, a witness who was standing near the site of the accident with her family said, “The duck boat hit the back of the car and made it twist. Then the duck boat carried the car up the street in a T-bone kind of thing.”

This accident comes at a time when duck boats are already under scrutiny. In April of 2016, a woman was killed in Beacon Hill when her moped crashed into the back of a duck boat. In Missouri, just this summer, 17 civilians were killed when a duck boat sank mid-tour.

Police are currently investigating the crash. It remains to be seen whether any legal action will be pursued.