BOSTON - A Boston city hall project manager has been convicted of selling cocaine and fentanyl, according to MassLive.

Thirty-six year old Gary Webster plead guilty late last week to four counts of distributing and possession of cocaine as well possession of fentanyl with the intent to distribute single counts in the amount of more than 40 grams.

Webster was arrested late last summer, per the Boston Globe, by federal authorities alongside more than two dozen other individuals who were all deemed “high impact players,” as part of an investigation coined Operation Landshark.

“The Boston Planning & Development Agency holds every employee to the highest of standards and these allegations are deeply troubling. We have placed the individual on unpaid administrative leave and will determine next steps,” Director Brian Golden said in a statement.

Those arrested reportedly had lengthy histories of drug trafficking and violent behavior. Webster was taken down after selling cocaine and fentanyl to a cooperating witnesses involved in the operation.

The former city hall employee now faces a federal minimum sentence of 5 years for selling fentanyl and up to 40 years for the distribution of the fatal drug.

Webster was hired by the Boston Planning & Development Agency back in 2017 after working on the staff of City Councilor Michelle Wu, according to CBS Local.

“I am saddened at the news that a former employee of mine is facing serious allegations. Although Gary Webster has not worked in my office for over a year, he was part of my team when I first took office. We are all shocked at the allegations,” Wu shared following the arrest of Webster.  

Wu added, “Today’s news only strengthens my commitment to creating opportunities for all in our city. Whenever one of our aspiring young people makes choices that lead to actions such as those alleged here, it is a discouraging and sad day for the city.”

Webster is scheduled to return back to court on January 30 for sentencing.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons