Boston, MA - The Boston Center for the Arts will be adopting a new tiered pricing system for two of its stages soon. They came to this decision after the city of Boston released a report finding that many artists claimed that performing arts spaces were inaccessible.

The report went into further detail when it was released. According to the information present in the report, the problem was not whether there was adequate performance and rehearsal space, the problem was that the space was too expensive for the artists, the space was not available at the right times, and the space was no the right size. The tiered pricing system that is said to be implemented at the Boston Center for Arts will reduce rental costs for the Plaza Theatre and the Plaza Black Box Theatre. Lindsay Allyn Cox, director of theater arts for the Boston Center for Arts, made reduction in rental costs one of her primary concerns when she started at the BCA last year.

In order to come up with an appropriate pricing system that benefited all parties involved, Gregory Ruffer, director of the Boston Center for the Arts, had an operational study conducted on the Plaza Theatre and the Black Box Theatre. After the study had concluded, leaders over at the BCA worked their numbers to see how much of a cost they could cut off to help smaller, nonprofit companies out. The BCA’s goal was to lower pricing enough to make it affordable for rehearsals and shows to take place for anyone that would like to book. For now, they’ll be splitting the field into small, medium, and large companies.

The small, medium, and large scenarios go as follows:

-          You fall into the small category if the budget is less than $100,000

-          You fall into the medium category if the budget is between $100,000 and $1 million

-          You fall into the large category if the budget is more than $1 million

This new pricing system will allow smaller companies to invest more money into their shows, which, in turn, makes the Boston Center for the Arts an ideal performing center.