Boston, MA - Seán Patrick O'Malley, the Catholic Church's cardinal in Boston, has been accused of ignoring a priest's letter which alleged that the now disgraced Washington D.C. Archbishop Theodore Edgar McCarrick was involved with sexual abuse as early as 1986. The letter in question was sent to Cardinal O'Malley about 3 years ago.

Pastor Boniface Ramsay says he wrote a letter to Boston's Cardinal O'Malley fifteen years after he brought it to the attention of The Vatican in 2000. He stated, "I had the impression that virtually everybody knew about it," going on to acknowledge that he first heard of inappropriate behavior as early as 1986.

"Archibishop McCarrick was inviting seminarians to his beach house. There were five beds, and there were six people. Archbishop McCarrick arranged it in such a way that somebody would join him in his bed," said Pastor Boniface.

Ramsay claims O'Malley's office responded by saying that the issue "Doesn't not fall under our jurisdiction," a position that Cardinal O'Malley said he now regrets in an apology that he issued today.

In O'Malley's written statement, we wrote, "In June of 2015 Rev. Boniface Ramsey sent a letter that was received at my office at the Archdiocese of Boston’s Pastoral Center. Rev. Robert Kickham, my Priest Secretary, received the letter on my behalf, as he does much of the correspondence that comes to my office at the Pastoral Center ...
Fr. Ramsey’s letter came to me in my role as President of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors; specifically the letter presented matters concerning Archbishop McCarrick’s behavior with seminarians.
Fr. Kickham’s response to Fr. Ramsey noted that individual cases such as he proposed for review fell outside the mandate of the Commission. Consequently, he did not bring the letter to my attention. In retrospect it is now clear to Fr. Kickham and to me that I should have seen that letter precisely because it made assertions about the behavior of an Archbishop in the Church."

Pope Francis has expressed extreme sadness about the situation and has planned to meet with victims of sexual abuse shortly.

Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was removed from his position in June as allegations piled on, and stories were allegedly verified.