Boston, MA - A Boston-bound flight was diverted late last night after an “unruly passenger” continued to do pull-ups from the overhead baggage compartment.

American Airlines Flight 2763 was headed to Boston from Phoenix when it had to take a sudden stop in a nearby airport. The flight left Phoenix airport around 6:30 p.m. on Monday night and was said to enter Logan Airport a few hours later. Unfortunately, a male passenger boarding the plane provided quite a distraction to all workers and passengers.

The male passenger boarded Flight 2763 with a woman and two dogs. He appeared to be highly intoxicated, some passengers said. In addition, he was refusing to let go of the overhead baggage compartment in an attempt to continue doing pull-ups. Passengers seemed worried and stated that he had grown belligerent as time went on.

Passenger Mark Markoski told reporters that the flight attendant had asked the gentleman to sit down more than three times, but he had refused to make her request happen. After refusal of the request, the male passenger started to verbally abuse the flight attendant, according to Markoski. He had even started to call her harsh names, said additional passengers.

Due to the disturbance on Flight 2763, the pilot decided to land the American Airlines plane in Kansas City, Missouri on Monday night. The male passenger was immediately escorted off the plane by airport security, claimed WBZ-TV.

As of now, no name has been released of the male passenger, or of the woman who accompanied him onto the plane. It is still unclear if he will face charges or not. No further information regarding the matter is to be released to the public as of now.

The American Airlines Flight 2763 took off again from the Kansas City, Missouri airport on Monday night. Though a late arrival, the plane made it back to Boston a little after 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

No one was physically harmed on the flight by the male passenger. According to all that witnessed the event, the worst he did was verbal.